Like every Turkish citizen, I have been constantly following the "BOR miracle" in both written and visual media for many years. 73% of the world's boron resources are on the territory of Turkey, and I felt that I should take steps as a professional who has given this sector 26 years. And I've been researching how to make it for years. I have read The Treasures of valuable knowledge of the National boron Research Institute, IMA (Industrial Materials Europe) and Eti mine. Eventually, as a citizen, I understood that Boron was a hard crystal and very difficult to dissolve in heat, water and oil and put into products! I've always dreamed of making Bor products. Because in a real sense, " we were going to turn our national ore into a treasure!"
As my research progressed with Bor, we would constantly listen to the benefits of hemp from my grandmother and our elders. In recent years, a lot of scientific articles and products related to hemp have started to be made.
My dream has always been to bring "boron and hemp" to beer and touch our lives with these extraordinary raw materials. A first in the world was to succeed.
In 2018 and 2019, these two special raw materials were very talked about by very busy statesmen and valuable teachers on this path, which I came out with the dream of serving humanity.
Now the time had come. The Miracle of boron and hemp!!!
During these periods, I called a passionate scientist, chemical engineer who had studies on boron and hemp. I met Mr. Taşkın Öztürk.
We have decided to take this step with MEDICAL REVOLUTION, which will pave the way for our country and reduce external dependence on raw materials.
I have been working since 1993, and since 2000 I have been involved in the direct sales sector, which is the business of today and the future. I have experienced numerous company firsts and degrees in the world and Turkey.
For this reason, we thought that our people who received the best accurate information could tell boron and hemp.
We have trained and will continue to train MEDIREVO experts.
I believe that you will all take care of our national wealth, boron and hemp.
We promise to work hard for a more peaceful and happy Turkey.
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