MEDIREVO expert candidate entry petition
I have not previously been an expert ( authorized representative ) account holder or account partner in the MEDIREVO sales system.
As I may have access to the commercial revenues MEDIREVO can provide me by participating in the MEDIREVO sales system, I am not legally restricted under the commercial laws of the country in which I reside. I have exceeded the legal age limit to trade, and I am not legally under any form of guardianship and custody.
I realized that signing this petition in no way brings me a burden of financial debt, a burden of Service, and a duty responsibility now and in the future. On the other hand, I also understand that this petition does not guarantee access to the MEDIREVO sales system.
I have approved this petition together with and after reading the “Consumer Sales Agreement “as an integral October.
I agree that MEDIREVO will appoint me an expert who will give me all the necessary information, who can support me in terms of improving my business in my entire MEDIREVO life, and that the relevant expert who personally directs me to the MEDIREVO sales system with his invitation is appointed as a supporter to my side.
After entering into the MEDIREVO sales system, I realized that the website belonging to the MEDIREVO sales system and provided for my use will be opened for my use with all features after reading and approving all the legal contract, all documents related to myself and the work I will do.
In the opposite cases, I know for sure that I will remain in the MEDIREVO sales system only as a price-advantageous customer, that I will not be able to work as a commercial representative, that I can reach MEDIREVO products as a price-advantageous customer with the consumer rights laws of the country in which I am.
In order for me to enter the MEDIREVO sales system, I understand all the above information by stating that it is absolutely accurate and by reading the prerequisites.
I sincerely offer the acceptance of my request
October: Consumer Agreement
Link MEDIREVO expert candidate entry request petition Information Note
If you have not previously been an account owner or account partner in the MEDIREVO sales system, you can take the first step by approving/signing this petition.
As you will have the opportunity to access the commercial revenues that MEDIREVO can provide you by participating in the MEDIREVO sales system, you should know that you should not be legally restricted under the commercial laws of the country in which you reside. You must not exceed the legal age limit to trade and be legally under any form of guardianship and custody.
Accepting/signing this petition does not in any way impose a financial debt burden and a service-binding responsibility on you. On the other hand, MEDIREVO does not guarantee entry into the sales system.
Along with this petition and as an integral October, you must approve the “Consumer Sales Agreement “after reading it.
If there is no MEDIREVO expert who directs you to this petition, MEDIREVO will give you all the necessary information and appoint you an expert who can support you in the sense that MEDIREVO can improve your business in your life.
After your entry into MEDIREVO ‘ s sales system, all features of the sales system will be made available to you if you personally and only yourself read and approve the relevant contract and legal documents. In the opposite cases, your commercial membership will be ignored and you will remain in the MEDIREVO sales system as a price-advantageous customer, you will not be able to work commercially, you will be able to access MEDIREVO products as a price-advantageous customer with the consumer rights laws of your country.
We wish you health and well-being by medirevo.
I read the petition above, I get it. I would like to accept the above text as my request. Kindest regards
MEDiREVO and the expert
Contract, working conditions and regulations
This regulation and contract, MEDiREVO direct sales trade A.P. and it is created mutually with direct sales experts who will represent this company on the side of end customers. MEDiREVO direct sales trading A.P. after that, briefly as “ MEDiREVO ” and on the other hand, all individuals and legal entities that sign this agreement directly as sellers, regardless of the size of the turnover and other other adjectives, are briefly referred to as “ experts”.
Getting started
MEDiREVO is a direct sales company. It sells its products directly to the end user ( customer ) under predetermined conditions and prices through Seller experts.
MEDIREVO has emerged with the mission of bringing a different and new understanding, a modern form to the world of direct sales, primarily in the commercial sense, with its original and special sales system, which includes different commercial structures that it has put forward.
MEDiREVO are running in the market with every aspect of the country where legal, sales, about uncompromising ethics among all the partners within the system, premium layout and the fair and equitable distribution and Sales System Administration related discipline with the purpose of developing a vision beyond the fundamental principles and adopting a corporate aims.
Depending on this goal, MEDiREVO expects and asks its interlocutors, who are parties to the contract, to adopt behavior and work discipline and order in accordance with the corporate identity in accordance with this vision, mission and goal, as well as behavioral models in accordance with general commercial morality as a priority.
MEDIREVO envisions an income and reward program with a program discipline determined within a discipline, consisting of sales premiums that can be obtained from the turnover that may arise as a result of the personal sales profits they have made to their experts and team sales performances, and certainly does not promise an enrichment plan.
MEDiREVO who signed this contract with the expert sales general working conditions regulations and Dec ‘s first, and especially sales-oriented studies, self-directed sales teams set up companies in both the public and the need of MEDiREVO extremely good in the eyes of customers as a merchant and qualified to represent MEDiREVO ‘s brand solutions that will work in the top level of ticareten and affiliated partners working with partners to protect and morally. With the preliminary acceptance of the parties, this agreement is primarily based on the rules of good faith.
Purpose, scope and definitions,
Article 1: Purpose,
Article 2: Scope,
Article 3: Definitions,
Operating Rules,
Article 4: Rules Of Operation,
Registration and acceptance rules for MEDIREVO sales system,
Article 5: registration and acceptance rules in MEDiREVO sales system,
Marketing Structure
Sales organization and premium distribution plan
Article 6: Structuring Of Sales Organization
Article 7: premium distribution plan
Rights, duties and responsibilities,
Rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties,
Article 8: rights, duties and responsibilities of MEDiREVO,
Article 9: rights, duties and responsibilities of the expert,
Code of ethics and Ethics Committee
Code of ethics and Ethics Committee
Article 10: Ethical Rules,
Article 11: Ethics Committee,
Notice, notifications and communication
Article 12: notices and notices,
Article 13: Contact Us
Purpose, scope and definitions
Article 1: Purpose,
The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the decency and principles of the commercial, financial and legal relations between MEDiREVO and the expert. MEDiREVO anticipates and strictly undertakes to work in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the country, while continuing its business activities together with its experts.
Article 2: Scope,
This agreement covers the premium payment system, working conditions, the Ethics Committee and the regulation of all relations and methods that MEDIREVO grants to its experts in exchange for the sale of all commercial products offered for sale.
This agreement covers the duties, powers and limits of how and how the expert will represent MEDiREVO both before, during and after the sale of the product and before customers, in any case other third parties and the public in general.
Article 3: Basic Definitions, Concepts :
1.MEDiREVO: MEDiREVO direct sales trade A.P. under its name, Education Mah. Ahsen Impasse Sk. Sadıkoğlu Plaza 5 No:12 D:69 hasanpaşa - Kadıköy 34722 Istanbul, Kadıköy et al. 6141237798 and Istanbul Provincial Tic. Md. Luu is a direct sales company authorized to sell directly with the authorization certificate dated 01-11-2019 / 34389.
2.Expert candidate: expert candidates who were not previously included as experts in the MEDiREVO sales system remain silent and enter the sales system, respectively 1-Consumer Agreement, 2 - MEDIREVO expert agreement, 3-working conditions and regulations together by accepting and signing the application becomes an expert candidate.
See the initial section of this agreement. EK1) name, surname ( company title in legal entities, Tic. Registration Information, tax plate, signature-representation document belonging to the representative authority and company stamp ) is a private or legal person with address and contact information. As a result of the acceptance of the expert candidate into the MEDiREVO Sales System, the expert is entitled to sell with his capacity, responsibilities and rights, to establish a sales team and as a result to generate income and to represent MEDiREVO in front of customers and expert candidates.
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