1. Medirevo protects and respects the personal information of its expert.
2. By providing information with the registration form filled out, the expert is deemed to have accepted and approved the applications described in this section. Medirevo processes the personal information of its specialist in accordance with the rules described below and the law on the protection of personal data No. 6698 (“KVKK”).
3. Medirevo, be used in all kinds of products and services; member, customer, knowledge of experts to assess the identity, address and other necessary information record; electronic (internet/mobile services) or all the records and edit your documents as a basis for processing in a paper environment, legislation and storing information provided by other public authorities, reporting, and disclosure to comply with the obligations, owned by medirevo, and deliver products in order to fulfill the requirement of the relationship between the expert's expert can process personal data.
4. Medirevo can collect and process the following data from its expert.
a. Information provided directly to Medirevo by the expert: this includes direct information provided by the expert by filling out forms on the Medirevo official website or by contacting Medirevo by phone, email or other method of communication. This information is from the expert;
□ First name, surname
Address entry
Family Information
Geliri Monthly Income
Çocuk number and age of children
Date Of Birth Entries
Entry e-mail address
Sabit fixed and mobile phone number
Uz expert's number
T. HC. ID number
Vergi tax identification number
Sosyal Social Insurance number
Banka Bank Account Information
Anne parents ' first and last name
Içerir includes passport number.
b. Information collected by Medirevo about the expert: this coverage includes information about the expert's purchase history, level of Entrepreneur Network structure, performance, and new members he sponsors. In addition, each time the Expert Visits Medirevo's official website, Medirevo can automatically collect the following information:
Internet Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect computer to internet
Current login information
Internet type and version of Internet Browser
Saat time zone settings
Tarayıcı browser plug-in types and versions
Teknik technical information including operating system and platform
Bilgiler information about the expert's visit, including a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) stream that redirects to the Medirevo official website, clicks inside the site and on exit from the site (including date and time)
Ürünler products reviewed or searched by expert
Sayfa page response times
Hataları download errors
Belirli visit Times of certain pages
Sayfa Page Interaction information (on scrolling, clicking and mouse)
Yöntemler methods used to exit the page
Med all phone numbers used to call Medirevo customer service
c. Information obtained by Medirevo from other sources: Medirevo may collect information about the expert if the expert uses any of the other sites managed by Medirevo or other services offered. Medirevo at the same time , have worked together from third parties (e.g., technical, payment and service delivery partners and contractors, advertising networks, analysis providers, search information providers, credit registries, such as Expert can get information about.
d. Medirevo uses personal information belonging to the expert for the following purposes and in accordance with KVKK:
To fulfill its obligations, including dispute resolution, fee collection and troubleshooting, and to provide the information, products and services requested from Medirevo,
To provide information about products and services similar to products and services that have already been purchased by the expert or about which he has requested information,
To ensure the rights, interests, fortifications and other conditions of the expert,
Vergi tax laws, Social Security laws, statistical obligations, etc., which are subject to cooperation between Medirevo and the expert Dec  to comply with other regulations in force, such as,
Denetlemek to monitor and ensure that the expert complies with Medirevo’ s policies and juliannes,
To provide information about products and services considered to be of interest to the specialist or to allow selected third parties to provide,
Uzman expert to inform Medirevo of changes to its services,
Med Medirevo to ensure that the official website content is presented in the most effective way for the expert and his computer,
To ensure effective management of the Expert Network,
Med Medirevo, for the management of the official website and internal operations such as troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistics and survey;
Med Medirevo to develop the Medirevo official website in order to ensure that the content of the official website is presented in the most effective way for the expert and his computer;
So that the expert can use the interactive features of the service offered at any time,
Med Medirevo, to ensure the security of the official website;
Anlamak to understand, measure and deliver appropriate advertising to experts and others, including consumer satisfaction performance and similar studies,
To make suggestions and recommendations for products or services that may be of interest to the expert or other users of the Medirevo official website,
To respond to requests and legal requests of regulatory agencies or other competent authorities.
e. Medirevo does not sell, rent or disclose your specialist personal information for commercial purposes. It operates only within the scope of Electronic Commerce Law, KVKK and other legislation.
f. Medirevo may grant Medirevo group companies (parent company and subsidiaries) access to and process the specialist's personal information to provide support in the performance of the activities listed in paragraph (C) of this article.
g. Medirevo may grant the selected third parties listed below permission to access the specialist's personal information and process it within a clearly defined scope and purpose.
Ortakları business partners (various service providers such as cargo companies and agents, invoice-credit collection offices, logistics, customer support),
Reklam advertisers and ad networks that need the information needed to select and deliver relevant ads to experts and others,
Although Medirevo does not disclose personally identifiable information to its advertisers, it may provide “bulk data” about its users, such as information that their ads are clicked on by 1,000 female users under the age of 35 on a given day. Medirevo may also use such bulk data to enable advertisers to reach their target audience. (for example, experts who have just joined the Medirevo system from a specific region)
Analiz analytics and search engine providers who support Medirevo in the development and optimization of Medirevo official website Dec.,
Toplu providers of mass e-mail solutions, including marketing messages or customer satisfaction surveys to be sent to them if the expert approves, such as providers of mass e-text message solutions, technical solution providers that enable medirevo messages to be transmitted to entrepreneurs.
h. Medirevo may also share the specialist's personal information with third parties.
i. Medirevo may disclose the specialist's personal information to the prospective seller, buyer or inheritor of such business activity or asset if it sells, buys or otherwise transfers any business activity or asset owned by it.
j. If Medirevo or all of its assets are acquired by a third party, the personal information of the experts will also be among decommissioned assets.
k. Medirevo, to comply with a legal obligation or to enforce or enact regulations Medirevo current, or rights, assets, or Entrepreneurs, to protect the safety of customers and other persons of the entrepreneur, you have an obligation to disclose the personal information or share it if you share this information. The scope of this article also includes the exchange of information with other companies and organizations in order to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk.
l. Persons or organizations permitted under the legislation and legal entities of the public authority authorized by law to request information; our main shareholders, subsidiaries; 3. persons, organizations with whom we cooperate, partner in the program, banks and other 3. People are also covered by this.
5. Personal data provided to or collected by Medirevo by the expert is stored on secure servers. All online payment transactions are encrypted using SSL technology and processed by third-party service providers. Medirevo does not store your credit or debit card information in online transactions. Information collected about the expert may be transferred and stored in a location within or outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) within the scope of the KVKK. Such information may be processed by staff working for Medirevo or one of its suppliers outside the EEA. Among other things, these personnel may engage in activities related to meeting the Order of their specialist, processing payment information, processing fortifications and providing support services. By providing personal information, the expert authorizes these transfer, storage and processing processes.
6. Medirevo takes all reasonable measures necessary to ensure that personal information is secure and processed in accordance with applicable law with this notice/notice/booklet. Personal data may be collected orally, in writing or electronically through Headquarters, Medirevo official website, other electronic service providers, contracts, call center and alternative channels.
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